On Thursday,August 6th, from 6:00pm till 8:00pm, we will be conducting a WOMEN’S PERSONAL PROTECTION COURSE.
This is a one day two hour reality based professional person protection course. Do not confuse or compare
this specialized training with common self-defense or martial”arts” methods.

This course will:

1.Quickly and easily activate your natural abilities, skills,and “WILL” to protect and survive.

2.Combine them with the use of the most modern, effective and practical personal protection tools, such as tactical pens and tactical flashlights.

3.Scientifically increase your odds of survival from what could be ZERO to going home ALIVE!!

This is the perfect course if you have daughters going away to college or entering the work force for the first time.


(207)283-3920 kosho@maine.rr.com