Anderson Palmas was born in Brazil on June 19, 1982. In 1991 he began to study capoeira under the guidance of Mestre Chocolate. Mestre Pasta (Master Anderson Palmas) started teaching in 1997, in his hometown of Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. Since 2001, he has traveled to Canada, the USA and through out Brazil to teach Capoeira and he was promoted to Mestre(Master) right here in Maine on August 13, 2016 by his Mestre, Altair Jose dos Santos(Mestre Chocolate) from Brazil and Samuel Cordeiro(Mestre Beck) from Kennebunkport.

He is now planting roots here in Biddeford alongside his assistant and wife Natasha Palmas , who is also a Capoeirista and has been teaching kids capoeira since 2012 in Queens, NYC.

For more information contact Natasha directly at (973)991-5325 or via email at
Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:30 – 9:00


Coming soon !! We will be conducting a CO-ED PERSONAL PROTECTION / SELF DEFENSE LEVEL 1 CLASS.This class is taught by licensed professional instructors.
Do not confuse this class with a “martial arts self defense class”!We combine your natural abilities, skills and will to protect and survive with the use of the most
modern, effective and practical personal protection tools such as tactical pens and tactical flashlights.Scientifically increase your odds of survival from what could be ZERO

cost is only $20.00
call (207)283-3920 to reserve your spot.

Wear your everyday clothes for the class.

Coming soon !! we will be conducting a CO-ED PERSONAL PROTECTION / SELF DEFENSE LEVEL 2. This class gets a little more technical and realistic using reality based
scenarios.We will show you were and how to keep weapons on you, and practice drawing, first solo then with an attacker.You should wear pants with pockets and belt and bring a light weight jacket
with pockets.
You must have completed level 1 to participate in this course.

Cost for this course is $25.00 and includes all training equipment.
call early to reserve your spot (207) 283-3920